Disease Control



Scours is still a common issue seen on beef operations, especially from weaning to approx. 10 months, many farmers will see a scouring animal and assume that it is worms and drench the animal. Most of the time you are correct, and the animal improves quickly. However, there are many other causes of scouring and if the animal fails to improve and you have used an appropriate drench at the correct dose don’t continue drenching it in the hope that it will improve! Other causes of scours include.

  • Coccidiosis occurs either before or after weaning when an animal is under stress.
  • Yersiniosis is a bacterial disease causing scours in animals under stress
  • Salmonella is an aggressive scouring disease that can cause multiple deaths quickly.

Unfortunately, all of these diseases are on the increase, control, therapy and vaccinations are available, contact us to discuss further.


Is a painful infectious disease that can spread quickly within a mob. It is commonly seen during summer or after buying in new cattle. The pain reduces feed intake and reduces growth, some animals end up permanently scarred or blind. Treatments are available and are best if administered early, there is also a vaccination available and can be useful for preventing and minimising disease in some circumstances.


This is one of the most common causes of disease and productivity losses in beef cattle in NZ. It has a complex way of maintaining itself with your herd and you may have carrier animals that outwardly look normal but are spreading disease and costing you money!

BVD often causes diarrhoea, reduces an animal's immune system making them more likely to suffer worms or pneumonia, and reduces appetites and growth rates. Also, when breeding cattle, it can cause infertility in bulls, abortions in heifers and cows and can result in the birth of weak calves that die soon after birth. At Franklin Vets, we provide the full range on how to detect, investigate, eradicate and vaccinate against BVD

Follow the link for more in-depth information on BVD.